Bugatti Chiron Super Sports 300+ Officially Announced

Bugatti smashed through the 300 mph barrier earlier last month in a Chiron ‘longtail’ prototype vehicle which sparked interest in a production version to follow.

We did not have to wait too long because what you are seeing here are the official images of the new Chiron Super Sports 300+ and as you can see it sports the menacing body with the exposed carbon fibre and orange stripes akin to the Veyron SS WRE.

Only 30 units will be made available and it is very close to the record prototype car. It shares the same sleeker, more aero-efficient streamliner bodywork. The same 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 unit delivering 1,578 hp (1,177 kW) and the same longer ratio gearbox to achieve that mind-scrambling velocity of 300 mph.

The only distinct difference between the prototype and this production version are the bespoke black wheels which will be shown to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Inside you will not find the array of computers and timing equipment as the production variants will do without the extra hardware. Instead, Bugatti will put back the passenger seat the prototype lacked.

Top Gear has it on good authority that buyers will be able to add the roll cage and ditch the speed limiter to try and replicate the top speed attempt.

Where will these owners possibly be allowed to hit this sort of speed? Either at a closed down highway in Nevada or at the very same Ehra-Lessien. Yes, Bugatti will grant customers access to the track where there’s a 5.4 mile (8.7 km) long straight.

It’ll cost you €3.5 million at a minimum and as you can imagine the interest has been rather strong with rumours suggesting it is already sold out.

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