CarGuard Administration Guards Your Freedom

When you really think about it, few things in life provide you with more freedom than your vehicle. They allow you to travel, transport friends and family around, get to and from work, and just make life and socializing easier all around. When your vehicle breaks down or is in need of sudden repairs, the process can be inconvenient and costly. To give vehicle owners peace of mind, companies arose that specialize in providing vehicle protection plans. While there are numerous companies to choose from, not all offer the same level of service and protection. CarGuard Administration Inc has built up a solid reputation as one of the best protection plan providers in the industry.

Why CarGuard?

The CarGuard team prides themselves on being 100-percent focused on their clients. From the variety of the plans to how they are written up and presented, the client is the priority. While many plans from local competitors are written in legal jargon that the average Joe might not understand, CarGuard’s plans are written with the client in mind. 

First-Day Rental Cars

Many coverage plans offer rental cars only if repairs are taking a certain amount of time; at CarGuard, regardless of the length of your repairs, every plan includes a first-day rental as part of the agreement. The CarGuard team understands how dependent you are on your vehicle, and that is why they will get you hooked up with a rental car as soon as you need one. Even if your repairs only take a couple of hours, you can still honor your commitments.

Liability Limits

The CarGuard liability limits are the best in the industry. The plans cover repairs up to the vehicle’s value, or up to $12,500. What that means for the client is if their vehicle is worth $25,000, their CarGuard coverage will cover up to $25,000 of the repairs; on the flip side, if a client’s vehicle is only worth $10,000, they will still get repair coverage up to $12,500. Not many extended service plan providers will cover repairs that total more than a vehicle’s worth.

Claims Adjusters

The CarGuard claims adjusters are not only known as some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the business, they are also mechanics. That means that they are more than capable of adjudicating claims with accuracy, efficiency, and fairness. At CarGuard, they want to pay claims to help their customers, not deny them and make them jump through hoops. The claims process could not be simpler or faster, meaning that CarGuard customers get the help they need right when they need it.

Platinum Plus and Gold Plus Plans

In the industry, most extended service plan providers offer their customers platinum plans that cover up to 100,000 miles, but then once you exceed that mileage, you need to get a new plan. At CarGuard, every plan automatically adds five years and 100,000 miles, giving each and every customer the maximum coverage amount without having to switch to a new plan.

Full-Coverage Plans

While many service plan providers in the industry offer a number of plans from basic to comprehensive, even the comprehensive ones come with small print and legal jargon that equate to limitations. Every CarGuard plan is written clearly and concisely so anyone considering the plan knows exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

CarGuard Administration Inc is in the business of providing their customers with peace of mind. The comfort of knowing you are protected against costly out of pocket repairs or sudden vehicle breakdowns is invaluable. If you are considering the advantages of an extended service plan, give CarGuard a call today and see for yourself why they are considered an industry leader.

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