McLaren Not Interested In Nürburgring Records

During a recent chat with McLaren’s global marketing director, Jamie Corstorphine, discovered that the British manufacturer does not plan on setting any ‘Ring laps in any of its super and hypercars.

It is quite clear that McLaren keeps pushing the boundaries when it comes to technology and performance of their vehicles but a visit to the Nordschleife is not in its future.

“We don’t pursue them,” Corstorphine said of Nurburgring lap times. “There’s so many changing conditions at the track. It’s a good facility for engineering the cars but there are specific benchmark tracks that we use instead that are consistent and have better access.”

Corstorphine said McLaren would continue to pursue its own internal benchmarks to evaluate car-to-car performance benchmarks.

“We certainly look at a variety of measures of cars across the piece. Some of those are used for external marketing and some aren’t. As much as the on-paper specification, it’s about that subjective driving experiences in the car,” he said.

Source CarSales
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