RGMotorsport Toyota Supra Stage 1 Should Produce Up To 415 HP (310 kW)

Local tuner RGMotorsport received the new Toyota Supra a few weeks back to begin putting together a tuning package for the MK5.

The Stage 1 upgrade consists of a 76mm Techniflow exhaust system with a decat downpipe and a simple ECU remap. The tuner claims it now produces a “characterful” exhaust tone and of course it gets a gain in power.

RGM mentions if you add a performance air filter to this package and the turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six will get close to 310 kW (415 hp). If you have been paying attention to this website, you will know that Litchfield in the UK offers a Supra upgrade which is almost identical to this.

Being RGMotorsport, it will not end at Stage 1 so we can expect more potent packages soon.

Source CarMag
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