BMW M8 Competition Sprints To 100 km/h In 2.88 Seconds

BMW M8 Coupe

The BMW M8 Competition Coupe reviews are flowing in now which means we are starting to get some video footage of the potent Bavarian.

While at the International Media Launch of the new M8 Competition, BMW Pro Driver Martin Tomczyk did some 0 to 100 km/h sprints in the 617 hp (460 kW) car with the very first one blowing the claimed number (3.2 seconds) out of the water.

With the Launch Control activated, it took only 2.88 seconds for the BMW M8 Competition to reach 100 km/h making this as fast as some of the fastest supercars (and hypercars) of our time.

Hold your foot flat until 200 km/h and that will happen in just 9.93 seconds from rest.

Other than being uber-powerful, the M8 gets an advanced xDrive all-wheel-drive system that splits most of the power to the rear wheels until the fronts are needed.

We really want some official GPS-logged 0 to 100 km/h times but this shows how rapid the gorgeous new Bavarian coupé is.

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