Top 4 Luxury Cars to Buy When You Win the Lottery

One way to look at the automotive industry is to focus on the nouveau riche, those people who have amassed wealth within their generation. These mostly include the Hollywood stars, rappers, and basketball players. The group spends money like it’s going out fashion. And their actions are justified because, by definition, they’re mostly people from lower economic ranks who have risen to riches due to their talents. 

When we can go on about this group, there’s another category of nouveau riche, which is far more interesting. This group enjoys a lot of economic freedom, mainly because they didn’t work hard to earn money: the lottery winners. There’re thousands of these across the world, and many more are born each year. These people are bound to need things that were previously unattainable, among them luxury cars. 

Choosing a Luxurious Car after Winning the Lottery

Online casinos like ComeOn have made it possible for you to join the nouveau riche class and live the life you’ve always desired. When that time comes, you’ll be spoilt for choice in choosing your dream car. Focus not only on the name and the model of the vehicle but also where you’ll be frequenting. Here are some four cool luxury sports cars to choose from.

2020 Audi R8

If you want to be respected as a millionaire and as a human being, then you should buy the 2020 Audi R8. It costs a fortune, but after winning the lottery, you will, with no doubt, afford it. It has a powerful V10 engine and dynamic handling that allows you to rule the roads while enjoying a smooth ride. The Audi R8 is faster, gets better mileage, and has posh interiors, not to forget the comfortable seats.

Range Rover

There’s no way you’re going to miss a Range Rover if you plan on building a ten-car garage. It’s one car that will earn you respect and power as a new millionaire in town. And you can’t forget the badge of honor that comes with driving a big luxury SUV. The problem, however, comes in choosing the right model. 

If you are in the UK or USA, choose a Range Rover Velar and demand it in black with every camera, speaker, and screen. If you are in Asia or somewhere in Germany, driving this model will, by default, earn respect from Toyota and Honda drivers.


Your new money gives you the power to drive around during the day and annoying all other motorists who have to work every day to earn a living. Don’t worry; this feeling is a natural evolutionary step that you have to go through to allow your brain to comprehend your new won superiority. There’s no better place for such aimless driving than where the rich congregate, such as a wide boulevard in your city. 

And if you want to catch their attention, you need a cool convertible sports car such as the BMW Z4. The vehicle has sporty turbocharged engines and a fuel-efficient base engine. Oh, and it has numerous safety features plus various others that you can add to minimize the risk of getting into unfortunate accidents. 

Nissan GT-R

One of the best of four-wheeled creations is the Nissan GT-R. The good thing is that it’s ridiculously affordable for the kind of features it offers. It has 565 horsepower, which makes it make the standard sprint faster than any other car of its level. The vehicle can seat up to four people, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable ride with your friends. However, it’s not good with fuel economy, but it offers superior reliability that blows its competitors out of water. 

Bottom Line

Winning lottery money gives you a free soul, and you should, therefore, live your life with passion and beauty. There’s no better way to achieve that than getting your dream car or cars. Anyone or two of the vehicles on this list should be in your new garage. After all, you’ll have enough money for maintenance purposes.

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