SpeedKore Builds 1,525 HP (1,137 kW) All-Wheel Drive Dodge Charger

Ever thought you need an all-wheel-drive sedan with over 1,500 hp? No thought not but the crew from SpeedKore have built one anyway.

This immense Dodge Charger packs a 6.2-litre Demon V8 engine but its supercharger has been replaced by two turbochargers that enable the unit to produce a staggering 1,525 hp (1,137 kW) at the crank.

As you can imagine they did not simply fit two new turbos to get that kind of output as it was a complex and expensive build and way over our heads to explain.

Other than the substantial powertrain upgrades, the Charger has been equipped with a carbon fibre widebody kit which includes new bumpers, extended fender flares and lightweight side skirts.

With all the power you need some serious rubber so they fitted some Bogart wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Street tyres for maximum performance.

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