Ferrari Purosangue SUV Coming 2021 with New Hypercar In 2022

As you all know, 2019 was an extremely busy year for the manufacturer from Maranello with the launch of five new prancing horses. Next year they will mainly focus on the sale of these models and gear up for the launch of their first ever SUV, the Purosangue in 2021.

Auto Express has been informed that it will be marketed as a FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) and will be underpinned by a version of the platform used in the new Roma. This Grand Tourer will provide some styling cues for the FUV and at this point we are expecting it to make use of a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The platform has been engineered in a way to accommodate a host of V6, V8 and even V12 engines.

The highest spec offering will likely make use of their 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 which will reportedly not make use of electrification. Enrico Galliera, chief marketing officer explains that the V12 is already heavy so combining it with weighty batteries too will just not be worth it. Electrification works best with smaller more compact engines so expect the V6 and possibly V8 to feature this technology.

Come 2022, we should see an all-new hypercar as the successor to the LaFerrari. Galliera confirmed that work has already started on the vehicle but don’t expect to pack more power than the 986 hp SF90 Stradale as they will likely focus on shaving weight and improving aerodynamics. The SF90 is already playing in the hypercar space so this new offering will have to be mind-warping to be considered a true LaFerrari successor.

Source Auto Express
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