First Look At Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Hypercar with Rear Fan

Gordon Murray Automotive is hard at work developing their T.50 hypercar and we now have our first official image from the new company.

It has been coined as a so-called “McLaren F1 successor” and that is not to be laughed at as the man behind the original iconic F1 is the man behind the development of this new ‘analogue’ creation (he is South African by the way).

It will be built in Britain and limited to 100 road car units, with a further 25 honed for track use.

This first rear-quarter image of the T.50 (seen above) reveals some of the groundbreaking aerodynamics that the car will employ. This includes a large 400mm ground-effect fan, inspired by the Brabham BT46B Formula One car designed by Murray in the late seventies. The fan accelerates the airflow as it passes through the rear diffuser. It uses a vertically oriented intake duct to prevent the fan from picking up road debris. Vents also direct the air downward to cool the powertrain oil.

The complex aerodynamic setup does not end with the fan either as it also features active under-body elements and rear aerofoils, plus there are six different aero modes (see below).

Powering the new car will be a freshly developed 4-litre V12 from Cosworth. It will produce as much as 690 hp using ram induction and will scream all the way to a 12,100 rpm redline. The car will weigh just 980 kg so expect it to be stupendously rapid.

For the purists out there, it will be fitted with a proper manual gearbox and just like the McLaren F1, the interior will feature a three-seat layout, with a central driving position set slightly ahead of the two passenger seats.

The T.50 will have a full debut in May 2020, and Gordon Murray Automotive will only build 100 of them. The company is charging £2 million for each one, and the firm reports that orders from the United States and Japan are particularly robust.

The full press release can be found here, it makes for very interesting reading. Auto Express also sat down with the man for an interview which can be read here.

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