Refreshed Jaguar F-Type SVR Rendered, Sadly Not Happening

Jaguar took the covers off their refreshed F-Type sports car last month which also saw the F-Type R variant get a power hike to 575 hp (429 kW; 583 PS).

Sadly that means the F-Type R will be the top of the range offering and if you want an SVR, you will have to stick to the current generation offering.

Rendering artist Aksyonov Nikita decided to give us some teaser renderings of what we could expect the new SVR to look like if it ever did make a comeback.

The SVR additions include a prominent rear wing, some carbon fibre accents up front and side skirts. At the back, there’s a large carbon fibre rear diffuser with equally enormous quad exhaust tips.

The current SVR only came out three years after the F-Type was revealed so let’s hold thumbs that the SVO department decides to crank things up a notch with the refreshed model.

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