1016 Industries Lamborghini Urus Packs 840 HP (626 kW) and Aggressive Body Kit

If the standard 641 hp (478 kW) Lamborghini Urus is not enough for you in the performance or presence department, 1016 Industries in Miami have another option to satisfy those desires.

As you can see in the images, there is a significant body kit which includes redesigned front and rear ends that measure 87 and 100 millimetres wider than stock, respectively. Customers can choose to have their automotive appendages made from fibreglass, carbon fibre, or forged carbon and also have the choice of a satin or gloss finish.

In case circumstances or preferences change, every one of the parts is replaceable and removable. They have been engineered to fit perfectly onto the car’s original body panels, tabs, and clips fuss-free.

Their Stage 1 power upgrade is also fuss-free and non-invasive and will push output up to 780 hp (582 kW) but their Stage 2 offering cranks things up to a ridiculous 840 hp (626 kW). 1016 Industries says the Urus will cover the quarter-mile in just 11 seconds with the Stage 2 tune.

Only 50 of these kits will be sold worldwide so chances of you ever seeing one are pretty slim. If you do manage to secure one for your Super SUV, you are in for a $45,000 (approx. R660k) just for the widebody kit.

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