Fewer Than 100 Bugatti Chiron’s Available As Production Ends Next Year

As production kicked off in 2016, this year marks the 5th year of the Bugatti Chiron. This means that those who are still in the market for one might want to speed things up a bit as there are now fewer than 100 of the 500 slots available for the hypercar.

According to company CEO Stephen Winkelmann, the brand estimates that all 500 examples of the limited-run model will have been sold out by the end of 2021. This excludes the Divo and Centodieci.

Those who won’t be able to secure a Chiron, however, needn’t fret as the French hypercar manufacturer still has some undisclosed treats coming our way. Although Winkelmann still kept things under wraps, he did promise that the brand will stay true to its legacy.

“All I can say is this: we’ll be presenting a few interesting surprises in 2020. We have several ideas and are continuing to work on the future of our traditional marque”, the company boss said. Winkelmann also went on to state that Bugatti will reveal further high-performance vehicles this year as they remain true to their philosophy of making “the best cars in the world”.

Over the past few years, Bugatti has been hinting at a second product. While it still needs the approval of the Volkswagen Group, there is a common belief that the model will either be an SUV or a four-door GT car. Furthermore, as the automaker shifts into the new era, electrification is quite possible for the new model. However, since nothing has been said about Bugatti looking to outsource a platform, this could mean that more money will need to be invested on the project.

It remains unclear whether the new model will be an SUV or GT, but the company’s finance department might suggest that an SUV would make more sense. On the other hand, an SUV could be disputable as it does not really flag the company’s “legacy”.

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