Watch Nico Rosberg Rip It Up In A Ferrari Monza SP1

The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 were revealed back in 2018 at the Paris Motor Show and although a majority of them will sit in a collector’s immaculate garage, this example fell into the hands of ex-Formula 1 champion, Nico Rosberg.

While on a trip to the manufacturers’ headquarters in Maranello, they gave him the keys to a Monza SP1 and as the video below shows, he really enjoyed every second of the open-top driving experience with 809 hp (603 kW) under the hood.

“I really enjoyed visiting the Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari Museum with all the history: Epic Ferrari classic cars, impressive Ferrari F1 cars, and the fastest and most powerful Ferrari Hypercars,” Nico says about his trip to Italy.

His drive begins around the 7:10 mark where he immediately finds out that this speedster is one aggressive machine.

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