BMW M6 Runs Wide On Canyon Road in California Hitting Motorcyclist Head On

Warning: The videos below might be disturbing to some viewers

According to a Facebook post by Kyle Peterson, the incident happened on Saturday last week and the videos posted on social media are quite frightening to watch.

Saw the aftermath of an insane 3 car 1 motorcycle accident leaving hwy 39. Rolled up within 1-2 minutes of it happening….

Posted by Kyle Peterson on Saturday, February 15, 2020

Judging by the footage, the BMW M6 driver completely misjudged his approach to a bend resulting in the car running wide into the oncoming lane. The speed the driver was carrying might have played a role in that equation too, as the car appeared to be experiencing understeer.

The M6 ran wide, clipping another car and then smashing straight into the motorcyclist sending the rider flying.

Miraculously, the rider survived the impact and escaped with a broken wrist and fractures in his legs (he even uploaded a photo himself).

Do you ride in the Azusa Canyons? Always take precautions as horrifying footage shows an accident between a BMW and a motorcycle. Both the motorcycle rider and BMW driver had dashcam footage of the wreck that left the motorcycle rider with two broken legs. The incident occurred Saturday, February 15th. As the BMW made a turn, it went into the opposite lane, clipping another vehicle and then collided head-on with a motorcycle rider. Witnesses at the scene believe the driver of the BMW M6 failed to brake as he made the turn. The motorcycle rider survived the accident and is in the hospital waiting for surgery. Show some support @torque_monster09 as he goes through the recovery process.

Posted by San Gabriel Valley News on Sunday, February 16, 2020
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