Tuned Tesla Model 3 Nearly Beats McLaren F1 Around Tsukuba

We know Tesla’s are fast in standard form but what if you take a Model 3 Performance variant and tinker with it to make it track-focused?

This particular EV features several bolt-on upgrades done by the Unplugged Performance crew. It was fitted with UP R street-legal racing kit and managed to lap Tsukuba Circuit in 1:04.7 which is a blistering time (riding on street-legal Michelin rubber).

To put that time into perspective, the fastest lap a McLaren F1 has done is 1:04.6 so you can say this modded Model 3 is as fast as the iconic supercar.

The tuned Tesla was driven by Ken Negoro, who is not a full-time racecar driver and has never driven a Tesla before but he familiarized himself with the car by doing 20 laps. During his test runs, he managed to put down a 1:04 lap time while contending with a field of other cars.

Negoro seems to think it will run in the mid to low 1:03s without any changes to the car if more laps were possible under better conditions (warmer track). He added that it was fitted with some legal semi-slick tyres, the car would likely be capable of 1:01 to 1:02 lap time.

Source Teslarati
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