369 HP (275 kW) Hydrogen-Powered BMW X5 Confirmed for 2022

i Hydrogen NEXT concept premiered at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW has confirmed that they will be launching a hydrogen-powered version of the X5 in 2022 and it will pack 369 hp (275 kW).

It features two 700-bar tanks that can hold 6kg of hydrogen. These help to create a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, resulting in 125 kW of energy. This is then used to power BMWs fifth-generation eDrive electric motor, with a total system output of 275 kW.

Refuelling the two tanks with hydrogen takes just 3 minutes and the car will emit nothing more than water vapour.

BMW is planning to introduce the hydrogen tech in a production X5 in 2022, however, it will be a small series model only and not a permanent and widely-available model in the showroom.

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