G-Power Hurricane RS BMW M5 Pumps Out 808 HP (603 kW)

The BMW M5 is a mightily impressive piece of kit in regular and Competition forms but it seems the S63 engine is a favourite among tuners especially specialists G-Power.

They have already shown us their M5 is capable of 588 kW but now the Hurrican RS offering will take that up to 808 horses (603 kW) and 1,000 Nm of torque.

This is not simply an ECU tune though as you will need a new set of turbochargers, new downpipes, a new titanium or stainless steel exhaust system and if you want to, a new set of 21″ Hurricane RR wheels.

Unfortunately, for now, we don’t have any performance figures to share with you but you can bet they will be very impressive.

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