Worlds First Gated Manual Lamborghini Huracán On The Way

European Auto Group is no stranger to manual transmission conversions having successfully completed the worlds only gated manual Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the first 2020 Supra with a manual transmission.

Now, they have turned their attention to the V10 bull to offer the world’s first gated manual Lamborghini Huracán.

There is no doubt the finished product will be slower than a stock Huracán with a dual-clutch transmission but it will be a lot more engaging.

EAG will fit the supercar with the six-speed gated manual transmission used on the last-generation Audi R8 and should the project turn out well, we are sure there will be a few Huracán owners who will be lining up to get the conversion done on their V10 machine too.

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