Jaw-dropping Reimagined by Singer Porsche 964 Can Be Yours For R18 Million

Reimagined by Singer Porsche 911’s are extremely popular so if you want one, you will be on the waiting list for a good couple of years before you are offered to but one.

On the odd occasion, an example will pop up for sale on the used market but be willing to pay a pretty penny to skip the queue.

This gorgeous blue example, known as the Pfaff Commission, has just popped up for sale at a dealer in Canada. Purchased new by Pfaff Automotive, a dealership in Ontario, it’s covered just 595 km (370 miles) since it left Singer’s facility in southern California.

With these creations, everything you see or touch has been handcrafted with the utmost precision. Generally, they sell new for around half a million dollars, and it’s easy to see why.

If you fancy splashing out on this piece of automotive art, you will need to part with $1,399,999 (approx. R18 million). Of course, that is the asking price so the chances of it actually selling for that figure are pretty slim but the original owner will be in for a tidy profit wither way.

Source Autotrader.ca
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