Maserati MC20 Twin-Turbo V6 Could Deliver Over 600 HP (447 kW)

Maserati is busy with a reboot of the brand and the upcoming MC20 will be the flagship of the new beginning.

The reveal was meant to take place next month but thanks to COVID-19, this has been forced to take place in September.

We are extremely keen to see what the Italian brand will deliver but a new rumour from Car and Driver suggests the V6 engine could deliver over 600 hp (447 kW).

We do know that Maserati is building its own V6 engine for this car instead of sourcing a mill from Ferrari, and the word from Car and Driver is that it will be a twin-turbo monster connected to a dual-clutch eight-speed transmission.

Maserati themselves consider this MC20 to be the spiritual successor of the mighty MC12 so when it does arrive, it should be a full-blown supercar.

Maserati will debut the MC20 in a grand event called MMXX: The Way Forward.

Source Car and Driver
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