Lumma Design Gives Big BMW X7 Brutish Looks

A few months back we saw our first ‘look’ at the Lumma Design offering for the large BMW X7 and the initial thoughts were that is was very over the top for a car that size.

Now that we have seen the first actual shots of a Lumma Design build, we have to say it is not half as obnoxious and gives the SUV a much meaner presence.

Lumma widens the already wide X7 with some wheel arch extensions which also offer integrated air inlets for brake cooling. A front spoiler at the base of the fascia features a cup blade that gives the X7 a slightly lower stance while a diffuser with spoiler lip and roof spoiler adds drama to the rear.

With a kit like this, you need it to sit on some serious wheels and the CLR X7 does just that with a set of 23-inch wheels completing the cosmetic changes.

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