Small Shop In Thailand Can Convert Your Toyota MR2 Into a ‘Lamborghini Veneno’ and More

The big tuning names out there get a lot of attention with their fancy press releases and wild builds but there is an entire world out there of tuning shops we have no clue about building weird and wacky things.

P.S. Modify in Thailand is one of those as they specialise in converting your Toyota MR2 into a Lamborghini Veneno or LaFerrari ‘lookalike’.

For $36,000 (approx. R680k), your MR2 will get a full custom body kit, engine modifications, an interior redesign, scissor doors, and more. It’s a complete package that does more than just tack on a body kit. CB Media recently toured the shop to give us a better look at this mini hypercar creations.

Replicas are mostly frowned upon but for some reason we love what these guys are doing. They seem to go the extra mile and while they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we wouldn’t mind cruising around in one of these.

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