3 Things Every Exotic Car Owner MUST Have at All Times

One of the first things every exotic car owner typically thinks about is paying those extra fees to get custom or legacy tags for their vehicle. This is especially true when the exotic is a collector’s edition where the tags only ‘feel right’ if they are from the era when the car was manufactured. Then there are those exotic owners who think that finding the best restoration service is of utmost importance because they want their new baby to be in mint condition. While those things are important, there are other things which are even more important if you want to keep your beautiful baby safe – and functional.

1. Better Than State Required Insurance Coverage

Have you always dreamed of owning a car like that Corvette 1967 L88 Coupe sold at auction for the winning bid of $3,850,000 in Scottsdale, AZ? Imagine owning a vehicle that rare and with a price tag like that! How can you not want to take that beauty out for a spin? While it may be expensive, if you own an exotic car with a price tag like that, you will most assuredly want the very best coverage you can find. Whether you purchase a six-figure exotic, or a seven-figure car like the L88, don’t even think of driving on a public road without better than state required insurance coverage. 

2. An Experienced Accident Attorney

What if you are involved in a car accident and your car is totaled and you are seriously injured as well? You were not at fault but the other driver is claiming that you were. Even though the police were called to the scene, a few discrepancies leaves it unclear who carried what share of the fault. If you do not want to lose your shirt and need to ensure that your medical bills are covered, it is in your best interest to hire an accident attorney with a winning track record. The only way to protect your physical and financial wellbeing is to put a powerful attorney on the job for you.

3. High Value Warranties

While some exotic vehicles are late models and come with manufacturers’ warranties, others like the 1967 Vette mentioned above may be sold “as is.” Typically, these older exotics are sold by private individuals and so no dealer or manufacturer’s warranty is included in the sale. Yes, after market warranties might be expensive, but they will come in handy for major repairs you may need to make. In fact, many car buyers also purchase additional or extended warranties when buying a late model exotic for just this reason. If you think repairs on a family car are steep, imagine what the cost of repairing a rare exotic would be!

You might also want to consider keeping the contact information on hand for that accident and injury lawyer mentioned above. If you are faced with a devasting accident your nerves may prevent you from thinking clearly. It always pays to research attorneys before you ever hope to need them for just this reason. Once that title is in your hands, there is no time to lose. Consider each of the above mentioned ‘must-haves’ and you will have just what you need to show that baby off.

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