Turn Your Toyota RAV4 Into A Lambo Urus With This Radical Bodykit

The Toyota RAV4 is a very popular compact crossover so if you want yours to stand out a little bit more than the others, just get in touch with the folks at Albermo.

The Japanese-based tuning company is now offering the XR51 body kit for the RAV4 to give it some menacing Lamborghini Urus styling.

They start by completed transforming the front with a new front bumper, front parking sensors, and huge air intakes. They decided to keep the original headlights which go to show just how similar the design is to the Super SUVs.

As you will see in the images, most of the changes are focused on the front end, as the rest of the RAV4 appears pretty much untouched.

Each to their own we suppose but if you fancy this cosmetic modification, you will need to part with $2,250 (approx. R50k) for the whole kit.

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