SSC Tuatara Looks and Sounds Lightning Fast

It took SSC nearly 10 years to deliver the first production Tuatara hypercar but now that the first customer has taken delivery, we get our first look and listen to the beast on an empty stretch of road in the US of A.

In the short clip, we get to see and hear the Tuatara at full taps and the 5.9-litre twin-turbo flat-plane crank V8 sounds angry. This is expected considering it pumps out 1,350 hp (1,007 kW) on 91 octane and 1,750 hp (1,305 kW) on E85. That immense power is sent to the wheels via a seven-speed paddle-shift transmission that changes gears in fewer than 100 milliseconds.

Unfortunately, we are not told how fast the hypercar goes in the video but the company has previously claimed it can hit the 300 mph mark. Whether or not it can beat the 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h) set by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ remains to be seen.

SSC will be building 100 units of the Tuatara with prices starting from around $1.6 million and topping out at around $2 million.

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