Bentley Bentayga Imagined With Bacalar Front End

The Bentley Bentayga has been a sales success over the past four years with Bentley selling 13.7 Bentayga’s every day. If you had any doubt that ultra-luxury SUVs weren’t selling it’s time to face the facts.

The SUV from Crewe is due for a facelift and although we are expecting to see some minor cosmetic changes to the refreshed model we wish it would look more like this.

New renderings from artist Kleber Silva show what it’d look like if Bentley asked Mulliner to give the SUV its mid-cycle refresh by applying the stunning front end of the Bentley Bacalar onto the four-door luxury family vehicle.

The Bacalar was a large departure from Bentley’s traditional front-end design, replacing the four round headlights with just two, each paired with a sleek, thin-slit daytime running light.

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