Watch Ferrari SF90 Stradale Warp Time When Accelerating

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale packs 986 horsepower (735 kW) from a twin-turbo V8 augmented by three electric motors so it is not exactly shy on performance.

The folks from Motorsport Magazine recently got some time behind the wheel of one and for the first time, we can actually see just how radically rapid this hypercar from Ferrari is.

The clip doesn’t offer specific timing during this acceleration run, but a basic stopwatch technique returned a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time of 2.3 seconds. The 200 km/h mark happened in just 6.5 seconds which means both results are quicker than Ferrari’s official claim of 2.5 seconds and 6.7 seconds, respectively.

These times mentioned are by no means scientific so we need to wait for some official recordings using a Vbox or the likes but either way this is one of the fastest accelerating cars money can currently buy.

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