Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Reimagined As a Supercar Looks On Point

Alfa Romeo took the covers off the hardcore Giulia GTA and GTAm in March but what if they continued on this path and developed a supercar?

The rendering artists from Carlifestyle gave it a bash and the result looks like a serious Ferrari 488 Pista competitor.

Well that is because they used the Prancing horse as a starting point and then added the Alfa GTAm styling to the front and rear.

The package fits surprisingly well and we would happily choose this over the Fezza but Alfa Romeo have no plans to develop a car like this so we can only enjoy the digital creation.

FCA CEO Mike Manley said late last year during an earnings teleconference that the automaker would “significantly scale back” the brand’s new portfolio due to reduced spending. That appears to have included the GTV and the mid-engine 8V, as rumours from 2019 suggest Alfa shelved these new models.

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