Junior Aston Martin DB5 Revealed With R1.2 Million Price Tag

Late last month we saw Bugatti officially reveal the Baby II with an astronomical price tag but this Aston Martin DB5 Junior costs even more in the top spec.

The Little Car Company has announced the creation of the DB5 Junior, a two-thirds scale EV produced in partnership with Aston Martin and it looks fantastic.

The collaboration will see just 1,059 units made (matching the original number of DB5s produced) with owners of the original given first dibs on a Junior.

Two versions will be produced, a regular version and a carbon-bodied Vantage, with the former getting an 8 hp electric powertrain and the latter getting 13 hp, with a limited slip differential. The normal Junior can do 48 km/h (30 mph); the Vantage’s top speed has not been confirmed yet.

Both variants will feature 10-inch wire wheels complete with ventilated disc brakes to provide regenerative braking and will be able to travel 32 km (20 miles) on a single charge but a second battery can be added for more.

Aston chief creative officer Marek Reichman said “The Little Car Company have gone into meticulous detail to truly replicate the stunning form of the original DB5”, and that he is “very much look forward to seeing these fun tributes to the timeless DB5 go into ‘service’ with owners of all ages around the world”.

Included in the purchase is a membership to The Little Car Club, allowing owners to take part in exclusive events where they (or their children) can drive these DB5 Juniors on actual racetracks.

Unsurprisingly, the DB5 costs from £42,000 each, with the Vantage starting at £54,000 (approx. R1.2 million).

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