Novitec Give McLaren GT Sportier Styling and 697 HP (520 kW)

Novitec continues with another McLaren offering but this time its the “Grand Touring” creation from the Woking manufacturer that gets the treatment.

The McLaren GT has received a host of aerodynamic-enhancement components which not only improve the presence but also the aerodynamic efficiency.

The two-piece NOVITEC update for the front bumper gives the sports car an even more striking face while the chin spoiler front-axle lift. The carbon surrounds on the outer air intakes optimize the airflow to the radiators and front brakes. Coming down the side of the car you will find some rocker panels which add to the sleeker and lower visual stance. At the back, there is a new three-piece carbon rear spoiler, which further sharpens the profile of the production spoiler and increases rear-axle downforce.

Three different tuning options are available using the N-tronic module which governs the engine with new mapping for injection and ignition while recalibrating the boost pressure control.

The most potent offering cranks things up by 86 hp (64 kW) and 84 Nm of torque. That results in a new output of 697 hp (520 kW) and 714 Nm of torque enabling the GT to sprint to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds flat and reach a top speed of 333 km/h.

You can also add a finely tuned stainless high-performance exhaust as well as a set of 20/21-inch Novitec MC3 wheels developed for the McLaren GT in collaboration with Vossen.

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