Koenigsegg Jesko Hydra Features One-Off Purple Flake Carbon Body

via @dylan.jacob on Instagram

Koenigsegg took the covers off the impressive Jesko back in 2019 and now that customers are starting to spec their creations, we should see some pretty unique packages just like the upcoming one-off known as the Jesko Hydra.

The Jesko Hydra is named after the 9-headed mythological creature called Lernaean Hydra.

You will notice it sports a custom aero package with a front splitter and twin canards on either side as well as louvres on the front fenders. At the back, you have a massive top-mounted active spoiler and a shark fin. This is the high-downforce version unlike the Jesko Absolut, which can theoretically reach a top speed in excess of 300 mph.

The stand out aspect is, of course, the purple carbon fibre body. If you opt for the natural ‘naked’ carbon fibre finish, you are looking at an additional cost of around R8 million so one can only imagine what this paint job costs considering the purple flakes that glitter when the light hits them.

Inside you will find black Alcantara with purple stitching with Hydra lettering on the dashboard and logo on the headrests.

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