Carbon Fibre Koenigsegg Jesko Body Option Will Cost You R8 Million

The Koenigsegg Jesko is most certainly not your average hypercar so you can be certain that some of the options available to customers will be astronomical.

Manny Khoshbin recently uploaded a video to YouTube asking for some advice on his future Jesko spec and as usual, he provided viewers with some juicy and down-right ridiculous options pricing.

Koenigsegg Naked Carbon, for example, will set you back an additional $443k (approx. R 8 million).

Slap on a set of the carbon wheels and you add another $104k (R1.8 million).

$3.4 million is “not so bad” according to Khoshbin and since he is leaning towards the Absolut version, the price shoots over the $4 million mark.

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