Gas Guzzler Tax In France Adds R500k To The Price Of A VW Tiguan R

Volkswagen surprised us last year with the first-ever Tiguan R with substantial grunt and the typical ‘R’ styling.

The hotted-up SUV starts from €54,900 in Germany but if you live in France, you will need to part with substantially more than that to park one in your garage.

Known as the 2021 Ecological Penalty, the most powerful version of the new Tiguan is set to receive penalties of up to €30,000 or around R500k with the current exchange rates.

The Ecological Penalty comes from the French government’s effort to curb its carbon emissions, discouraging buyers to buy ICE-powered vehicles and go for electrified choices instead.

As a reminder, the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder delivers 316 hp (235 kW). Volkswagen South Africa has confirmed that the refreshed Tiguan will be arriving in the first quarter of this year with the Tiguan R coming at a later stage in the year.

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