5 Amazing Ideas for Improving Utility on Your UTV or ATV for Farming

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) are ideal choices for farming purposes. Although they may not look so at first glance, these hardcore four-wheelers can be of great use in farming. 

In case you’re unaware as to how this works, here are 5 ideas that you can try out.

#1 Adding a winch

Although it may not seem so at first glance, a winch is one of the most important tools of the modern era. It’s used for a variety of purposes and in various fields and industries. From large cranes to wells or mines, winches are used almost everywhere you look. Although they differ in terms of size, purpose, or even name, they still perform the same function.

However, perhaps the most important use of a winch is pulling out cars or trucks from ditches or muddy surfaces. Installing a winch on your UTV can come in handy, especially while working with it on a farm. The lands over there are likely to be wet and muddy. As a result, you’ll need something to pull your tractor out of such sticky situations. This is where the winch comes into play. Just connect the winch hook to your tractor or truck, and turn it on. Using the UTV, you can enter even the muddiest of lands with no problem. Hence, no matter how far away the vehicle to be rescued is located from dry land, you can rest assured that the winch will find its way there, thanks to your UTV or ATV.

#2 Adding a small trailer

Carrying large blocks of wood, haystacks, or even farm animals from one place to another is a challenging task, especially when you don’t have a truck. However, trucks are not the ideal solution to this problem. They can’t reach dense forest lands and might get stuck in the mud now and then. Trucks can be a bit expensive as well. So instead of a truck, why don’t you get an ATV or a UTV, and just attach a trailer on its back?

These vehicles are very well built for farmlands. Their rigid structure and suspensions make them well suited for these types of lands. Attaching a small trailer behind an ATV or a UTV can enable you to do all the things you could have done with a regular-sized pickup truck.

#3 Adding accessories

Adding accessories to a piece of machinery instantly adds more utility to it. These accessories can range from extra storage capacity to lighting, and a lot more. 

One of the easiest ways to make your vehicle more useful is to add accessories. Quadboss is an industry leader in ATV and UTV accessories, from storage containers to light bars and more. By adding them to your ATV or UTV, you can extend the utility scope of these amazing vehicles. For instance, storage boxes can be used to store your tools or spare parts for your ride. The lighting can be used to assist you during the night, or can just be added as a feature to make your ATV or UTV look cool.

#4 Adding a plow

Instead of a tractor, you could simply use an ATV or a UTV to plow the fields. Just attach a plow to the back of your vehicle, and proceed with it as you’d do in a tractor.

There are plenty of benefits to using an ATV or UTV instead of a tractor. Firstly, unlike tractors, ATVs and UTVs are lightweight. Their build, although strong and rigid, is not that heavy. So you don’t have to worry about tipping over and not being able to get the vehicle back up without the help of a crane or additional manpower. Secondly, the lightweight nature helps them to move quickly even over muddy surfaces. Finally, the small size of these vehicles makes them easy to maneuver in between dense forest areas, something you can’t accomplish easily with bulky tractors. 

#5 Adding a lawnmower

Similar to how the plow or trailer works with an ATV or a UTV, you can also attach a lawnmower to mow your lawns. 

The lawnmower will be powered by its own battery and engine. The ATV will simply drag it across the lands. ATVs and UTVs are easy to keep steady. So you can ride comfortably on them while taking proper care of your lawns.

Given the diverse use of an ATV or a UTV, there’s no doubt that these vehicles are perfect for farming. Just give it a try. You won’t regret this decision.

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