5 Safety Tips to Prevent Car Accident

Car accidents often lead to devastating results. Even minor car accidents can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and medical bills. Over 90% of these accidents are avoidable. Unfortunately, according to the National Safety Council, approximately 40,200 car accident-related fatalities were recorded in 2016.

Although safe driving practices are taught in all driving schools, they are often overlooked and disregarded by some drivers. 

California car accident lawyers know how frightening car accidents can be for the victim. Here are 5 safety tips that attorneys will tell you to keep in mind to reduce your chances of getting involved in a car accident. 

1. Always keep your eyes on the road 

In today’s modern environment, some drivers are now easily distracted by their mobile phones. Although most of them would use their phones as a guide, it is not advisable to tinker with your phone while driving. Use your cellphone solely for emergency purposes. If you have to use your phone, find an area where you can stop your car for a while to avoid causing accidents. 

Never take your eyes off the road; that is the golden rule that all drivers must follow. Experienced car accident lawyers will highly discourage drivers from not paying attention to the road. Distracted driving often leads to catastrophic and even fatal consequences. But you can avoid this by keeping your attention on the road ahead. 

2. Never exceed the speed limit.

Speed limits exist for a good reason. Driving too fast can increase your chances of getting into a car accident. Driving too fast will affect your reaction time as well. If a vehicle suddenly cuts in front of you, you will be unable to hit the break on time. 

Car accident lawyers will also advise you to always be conscious of the speed limit.

3. Never drive while you’re under the influence. 

Intoxicated driving is probably one of the most reckless and dangerous things a driver can do. The majority of fatal car accidents are caused by impaired driving. In fact, in 2016 alone, approximately 10,497 people died due to DUI accidents. Law firms from California such as Arash Law know this all too well. 

If you are intoxicated, do not attempt to drive, no matter how sober you feel. You won’t only endanger your own life, but you can potentially cause harm to other innocent people on the road as well. 

4. Always follow the rules of the road. 

Some drivers tend to get too confident on the road to the point where they would ignore basic roadway rules. They would change lanes whenever they please, running red lights and stop signs, and just generally ignoring basic roadway etiquette. 

No matter how experienced you are as a driver, you must always follow basic roadway rules for your safety and the protection of the other people on the road. If you are changing lanes, make sure that you signal properly and keep an eye out for blind spots. If the traffic light is red, be patient and not test your limits as a driver, as this may lead to major accidents.  

Avoid doing improper turns as well. Always obey the proper right of way and do not ignore the traffic signs on the road as they are there for a reason. 

5. Know your vehicle 

Do you remember the last time that you did a thorough inspection of your vehicle? Always keep your car well-maintained. Car accident lawyers will advise you to check your vehicle for any possible repairs or replacements regularly. 

Here’s a list of just some of the parts you need to check regularly to avoid car accidents: 

  • Tires 
  • Test the lights if they’re working properly
  • Check if you need to change the oil 
  • Check the fluids (Engine oil, Coolant, Power steering fluid, Brake fluid, Transmission fluid) if they are at the right level
  • Check if you need to change your engine filter 
  • Replace your windshield wipers if you need to 
  • And most importantly, check your brakes if they are working properly

Owning a car isn’t easy, but as a car owner, you must properly maintain your vehicle to ensure not only your own safety, but the safety of the other people on the road as well. The more responsible drivers there are on the road, the less accidents there will be. 

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