Tamiya Wild One R/C Buggy Comes Back To Life… Size

If you were a car-crazy kid from the 80s or 90s, then you will certainly recognize the Tamiya Wild One R/C Buggy.

The Wild One was re-released in 2012 but this release trumps them all as it is an actual dune buggy that you can hop in and drive.

The official name is Wild One Max and it does not need a remote control as the 8/10th scale buggy can occupy life-sized adults. It packs enough battery power (2 kWh) to hit 30 mph (48 km/h) and will be able to achieve a range of 25 miles (40 km).

It’s built by The Little Car Company under a license from Tamiya, and if that name sounds familiar, it’s the same niche builder that created the awesome Baby Bugatti and the adorable Aston Martin DB5 Junior.

What makes us even happier is that this can be built at home piece-by-piece, just like the original 1/10-scale model. There is also a massive sticker sheet to properly dress up your Wild One Max once it’s assembled.

The Wild One Max is still currently under development with a release date scheduled for some time in 2022. Unlike the Bugatti and Aston, this is relatively affordable with pricing expected to start around £6,000 for the UK, €7000 in other parts of Europe, and $8,250 in the States.

Ben Hedley, the CEO of The Little Car Company, said: “As a child of the ’80s, developing an almost full-size Tamiya model that you can actually drive is a dream come true. We’re honored to be working with the Tamiya team on the project to bring one of their most iconic models to life for a new generation. We can’t wait to get these on – and off – the road in 2022.”

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