World’s Quickest Lamborghini Huracán Runs Ridiculous 7.33 Quarter-Mile

World records being set at drag racing events is nothing new especially when talking about the likes of AMS Performance and the Lamborghini Huracán.

Last month they smashed the quarter-mile record for a Lamborghini Huracán with the Alpha Omega Drag Huracan and now they have gone even quicker setting a 7.33 at 194 mph (312 km/h).

The Alpha Omega is a twin-turbo  Huracán capable of producing over 3,000 horsepower, but while the engine can handle that sort of output after being attended to by AMS Performance, putting that power down to the asphalt is near impossible and most runs see the car run in a detuned state.

AMS Performance is not done yet as they are hunting down a 6-second pass. Will we see that this year? Only time will tell but we will keep you all updated.

Push play and watch this insane build disappear into the distance…

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