Bugatti Reveal 440 km/h Chiron Super Sport Limited To 9 Examples

Say hello to what Bugatti is calling “The Quintessence of Luxury and Speed” but we call it the Chiron Super Sport.

Production is limited to just nine examples making it even rarer than the Chiron Super Sport 300+.

While the Super Sport 300+ offering was derived from the record-breaking car driven at 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h), this new Super Sport has a different finish. It retains the reworked body stretched by 25 centimetres (9.8 inches) compared to the standard Chiron for optimal airflow at high speeds. Stacked double exhausts provide a deeper and richer soundtrack courtesy of the quad-turbo 8.0-litre engine producing an immense 1,577 hp (1,176 kW) and 1,600 Nm (1,180 lb-ft) of torque.

This variant features redesigned aluminium wheels with a five Y-spoke design and an optional diamond-cut finish. If you wish to lower weight, then you can add the magnesium wheels found on the Chiron Pur Sport. These wheels are wrapped in some special Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s as they can consistently withstand speeds of up to 311 mph (500 km/h).

As you would expect from something with Super Sport in the title. it is fast, very fast. Zero to 200 km/h (124 mph) takes just 5.8 seconds and 0 to 300 km/h (186 mph)  just  12.1 seconds. It is able to hit 400 km/h (249 mph) seven per cent quicker than a standard Chiron because the seven-speed, dual-clutch auto transmission has been modified and now has a 3.6 per cent longer seventh gear.

To keep things to a “safe speed”, top speed is electronically limited at 440 km/h (273 mph), at which Bugatti claims the hypercar is still “effortless and safe to control.”

To secure one of these, you will need to part with €3.2 million but if you are reading this, then you are too late as the chances of all nine units being spoken for are almost guaranteed.

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