Simple Rules On How You Can Organize Garage For Your New Car

No matter how much space they have in their homes, most people somehow end up with lots of clutter. It starts from the closets and storage rooms, but most of the time, the garage is the one main place for storing things that they do not need. And frankly, after a while, there is no space for the one thing that should be in a garage – the car. With the sunlight, the rain, and everything else that is outside, it is not the best idea to park your car there. Especially not a new car.

There are numerous ways to gain more space in your garage, create room for other things, as well as your car. If this is something you are interested in, read through the rest of this article and find out about some simple rules that can help you organize your garage for your car.

Use overhead storage

When most people think about storing things, they usually only think about putting things in their closets or a bunch of boxes. Of course, this can work, but, if you want to maximize your garage space, you should take into consideration the space that is usually not used at all – the ceiling. Overhead garage storage can be a great thing to use to keep your things off the ground and off the shelves. Not only will you have more than enough space for your car, but your things will be stored in a safe and dry place. 

It is understandable that many people wonder if placing your things to hang from the ceiling is dangerous. But, there is no reason to worry as these storage are absolutely safe. If you are looking for a garage storage supplier in Tucson, AZ, there are many that you can choose from. And the best thing is that you can get your storage quite fast, and the space for your new car is just an inquiry away!


Holding onto old things is a common habit among people, so if this is your case as well, know that you are not alone. You might be saving something because it has a sentimental value, or because you thought you might need it in the future. But, if you want to create more room for new things and new memories, you will have to do some decluttering in your garage. Of course, it does not mean that you have to get rid of things that mean a lot to you. But, if you put something away in case you might need it, and it has been sitting in your garage for a few years, it is probably time to get rid of it. So, donate, recycle or sell what you can, and throw the rest away. 


When you have gotten rid of the things you do not need, it is time to organize the things that remain. The best way to do so is to categorize them by their use and size. By doing this, you will not only find things more easily later on, but it will also allow you to find out how much storage space you need. And if you spend a bit more time, you can also try to fit them like a puzzle, making them take more space, therefore, making more room in your garage. 

Use open shelves

Even though closed cabinets might look more elegant, open shelves are certainly a better choice when it comes to garage storage. First and foremost, they are a lot less expensive. But, what is even more important, they are easier to access. This is quite important, because, if you have very little space in your garage, and your car is parked in it, you are likely to have a hard time opening the cabinet doors. Moreover, using open shelves makes it easy to scan everything you have stored. Of course, do not hesitate to use closed cabinets if you need to protect something from dust and dirt, but focus on open shelves to make your garage space more functional. 

Use vertical shelves

Just like in the case of ceiling space, people often do not use their walls to the maximum. The shelves that are normally used are just a bit taller than people are. However, if you want to maximize the space usage in your garage, consider getting vertical shelves. They are very easy to install and are widely available. And if you do not have the standard height of walls in your garage, do not worry. These shelves can easily be customized to fit any wall height. And of course, keep the things you use often on the lower shelves, and use the top shelves for the ones that you use rarely. 

Put away seasonal items

When you have all your ceiling and vertical storage available, be smart about how you organize things. Make sure to move anything from the floor and the bottom shelves that you are not using at the moment. So, if there is any sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and winter tires laying around, you can put them in the overhead storage. That way, you will have more space for your car and the things that you need at the moment.

Double the space with a car lift

If you have more than one car and you would like to invest a bit more into your garage, you can always double the space with a car lift. These can especially be useful if you have a car that you only drive at certain times of the year. It will allow you to protect it from the outside, while still having the space to park your other car. These lifts can also store boats and jet skis, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, or any other bulky seasonal items. 

Decluttering your garage and tidying up is practically a never-ending job. But, if you have a good organizing system and a functional storage space, it does not have to be hard at all. Remember to get rid of anything you do not need, add some overhead and vertical storage, and systematically organize your things. 

If you recently bought a new car, but your garage is too cluttered for it, hopefully, this article has helped you get a clear plan on how you can make it functional and spacious. 

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