1,050 HP (783 kW) Audi RS7 Hits 100 km/h In 2.4 Seconds

When you hope in the stock Audi RS7 (C8), you will probably be rather impressed with its performance considering it packs 591 hp (441 kW) and 800 Nm of torque from a twin-turbocharged, hybridised 4.0-litre V8.

So what if you crank one of these rockets up to 1,050 hp (783 kW)? Well, you get a missile but not only is it rapid it sounds completely furious.

The video claims to showcase the worlds fastest Audi RS 7 and even if that is not completely accurate, we think it might be the loudest. Thanks to a free-flowing MG Motorsport exhaust paired with a PowerDivison downpipe this C8 Audi RS7 sounds incredible.

How did they get so much power from the engine? For starters, the stock turbos are replaced with larger Hybrid Turbos LM990. These turbos feed custom intercoolers from PowerDivision to keep intake temperatures cool during hard driving. This complete tuning pack ensures that performance is predictable and reliable.

As you will see in the video, it is capable of launching to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.48 seconds with 200 km/h coming up just 4.63 seconds after that.

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