The Dangers Of Driving A Car And How To Handle An Accident

The technical part of driving is always easy. One does not take so much time to learn how to use the accelerator, brakes, hazard lights, and so on. However, even if excelling in those technical processes is definitely an added advantage, there are other vital things to remember if you want to avoid accidents. It includes following road safety rules, staying alert, and knowing what to do if things go wrong. 

Below mentioned are the few dangers of driving a car and how to take the right measures to avoid an accident.

Regular Maintenance Of The Car

Though this rule doesn’t actually come under the driving, it, however, does have an impact when you do drive. When your car is maintained properly, the chances of any technical or mechanical failure taking place while you are driving are lower. When the maintenance level is not followed, your car may suddenly fail or stall. In such times, when you do get into an accident and want to file a car accident claim, you will have difficulty doing so. This would be because you chose to neglect taking care of some of the issues that were already known to you in the first place. For example, suppose you know your car brakes are not working properly for a while and chose to overlook it. When you do have an accident due to brake failure, you will be at fault and will have to take care of all the expenses you incur with it, along with any damage you have caused to other car owners. 

Wear The Seat Belt

This is probably the first thing your instructor or the person training you on how to drive tells you. Wearing a safety belt not only mentally prepares you to follow all road rules properly but will provide you with prime protection if you get into an accident. The seat belt is engineered to provide you safety, so you must ensure you always wear one even if you are going to drive for a short distance. Apart from you wearing the seat belt, you must also ensure that your passengers follow the same rule. By following this simple rule, you can avoid getting into a dangerous and fatal situation if you meet with an accident. 

Read-End Collisions

When you are driving, you have to give complete attention to the roads. Rear-end collisions are very common and can be easily avoided. This type of accident includes when you hit a driver with a car in front of you or when your car is hit from the rear by a driver behind you. This type of accident can be avoided by ensuring a safe distance is maintained from the car in front of you. Drive far behind enough so that if the car in front of you brakes suddenly, you will still have enough time to stop safely. At times when the weather is inclement, for example, if the visibility is low due to fog or rain, then this rule becomes all the more important. When the weather conditions are really bad or driving amid heavier trucks, try to maintain 5 seconds distance. 

Distracted Driving

Did you know that multitasking has become quite popular now? Everyone is bound to be thinking about or even doing more than one thing at a time. At such time when you are driving absent-mindedly, you may miss a signal from the car in front of you that is coming to a halt. You may have to brake suddenly or end up colliding with the car in front of you. This could be dangerous. You should never take your eyes off the road or get distracted while driving. Another common cause of accidents while driving is when you are using your phone at the same time to make a call or read a text. It takes only a second or two for an accident to take place while you are looking away from the road. If you are not feeling well while driving or are under the influence of any drugs, you should refrain from driving like that can affect the level of alertness you need. Park your car and take some assistance to get to your destination. 

Single Vehicle Accident

Sometimes, you can end up in an accident while driving without colliding with other vehicles. These types of accidents include collisions with road barriers, animals, or rollovers. This can be avoided when you drive and follow the right rules set for the particular weather. While you can easily spot these things or animals on the road on clear days, at times when the weather is not good, it can be more challenging. For example, if it is raining heavily or snowing, you need to drive slowly so that you can maintain control of your vehicle and avoid hydroplaning. Speeding on such roads is dangerous. If you do meet with an accident when the weather conditions are wrong and visibility is low, try to move your vehicle slowly towards the sidewalk and park it at a safe place. Call for help immediately and wait inside the car until the police and ambulance arrive. 

Intersection Crashes

Another place where accidents take place frequently is intersections. If you are distracted by your phone or trying to speed, you may end up missing the traffic signal as they switch from one color to another. Defensive driving can help you to prevent getting into accidents at intersections. When the light turns green at the signal, take a second or two to ensure no one is coming through the intersection. When you are approaching a yellow traffic signal, slow down instead of speeding. 

The best way to avoid collision is to refresh yourself with traffic rules and be completely focused on the road. In case you do get into an accident, stay calm and alert the authorities immediately. At no point should you panic and try to drive away, as that is a crime punishable by the law. Having contact with a professional lawyer can always come in handy if something goes wrong.

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