AC Schnitzer Gives BMW 4 Series Convertible More Power and Sweet Subtle Styling

The BMW 4 Series has been one of the most controversial new cars thanks to the large elephant in the room but it seems the tweaking by tuner AC Schnitzer has improved it tenfold.

Visually you will see the drop-top 4er sporting new aerodynamic components including a front splitter which alone already provides 35 kg increased downforce on the front axle (at 200 km/h). Together with the front spoiler elements, the side skirts, the emblems and the rear skirt protection foil, the upgrades are not only visual but also functional.

The tuner offers various sets of new shoes available in BiColor or Anthracite are available in 19-inch or 20-inch sizes. A sports suspension system also lowers the car between 15 mm and 25 mm.

The power upgrade option is available for the M440i, 430i, 420i and 430d models, however, in South Africa, we only have 420i and M440i xDrive models in convertible G23 form.

The M440i variant will deliver 420 hp (313 kW) closing the performance gap between the M440i and the base-model M4.

AC Schnitzer offers a stainless steel sports rear silencer with exhaust flaps and a choice of different “Sport” tailpipe trims in carbon, chrome or black anodized. For a purely visual solution, solo tailpipes are also available.

All of the above items are available either individually or as a part of a “Complete upgrade package.”

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