New Porsche 911 GT3 Sounds Superb With Fi Exhaust

The new Porsche 911 (992) GT3 was always going to be a brilliant sports car and the reviews confirm just how good it is.

Customers and Porsche fans were thrilled that they stuck with the screaming naturally-aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six engine but with all the new restrictions in place, it is certainly not as rewarding in the sound department.

Fi Exhaust has stepped in with the hope of providing your new GT3 with an emotionally rich driving experience and powerful sound for daily drivers and track day enthusiasts.

The new design improves the sound note by replacing the restrictive factory measures and integrates Fi valvetronic technology that allows you to switch between Street and Race sound modes. The design removes OPF filters and a centre muffler in place of two smaller sized side mufflers, which frees up the exhaust gas flow. The benefits of these changes can be heard in Race Mode. When Race mode is activated the exhaust valve flaps open up and the potential of the engine is released, adding more aggressiveness.

The system is compatible with stock valve motors that allows the exhaust valve flaps to communicate with factory settings. To activate the Race mode and chase the motorsport feeling it’s as simple as pressing the exhaust button in the interior.

However, for those wanting to gain more control over the valves and personalize exhaust settings like choosing an RPM range for the system to intelligently switch between Street and Race sound profiles they have developed Fi Exhaust Pro Remote Control System that comes with a two-button sporty remote and mobile App functionality.

What else can be done with Fi Pro? Imagine it’s early in the morning and you need to make a silent exit out of the driveway, then the App allows you to select a default valve mode on the engine start-up and choose valves close. Now nobody is wiser that you have a 9,000 RPM free-breathing engine that’s about to sing at a press of a button if you choose it.

The system also cuts down weight by 25% compared to the OEM muffler and the tips can be finished in multiple colours as well as carbon fibre or even forged carbon. Compared to the stock tips, the diameter has been enlarged to flush out the rear, and add more aggressiveness that matches with the racing spirit of the GT3.

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