The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Is Extremely Expensive To Maintain Considering New Tyres Cost Over R600k

Maintaining a supercar can be very expensive but a Bugatti is no regular supercar and the Chiron Pur Sport is no regular Bugatti so you can bet it stings the wallet to keep in tip-top shape.

A Facebook post (included below) was shared by Muhammad Al Qawi Zamani, who apparently is a Bugatti enthusiast from Malaysia, currently living in Singapore. He recently popped into the new Bugatti showroom in Singapore and got some detailed information on the maintenance and parts costs of the Chiron Pur Sport.

The original prices in the post are converted from Singapore Dollars to Malaysian Ringgits, and what you see below are the prices converted to US dollars and South African Rands for your convenience.

If you were to replace the front ceramic brake discs and pads, you are in for $58,952 (approx. R892k). In some instances, you will also need to replace the brake fluids, cables and clean all the brake components which will come in at an additional $58,951.

What did surprise us was the fact that the four Garrett turbochargers need to be replaced around the 4-year mark which will set you back $25,978 (approx. R393k) for the set as well as $21,982 (approx. R332k) for a set of air duct coolers. At the same time, you will be expected to replace the fuel tank for $43,963 (approx. R660k) and let the mechanics recalibrate the engine with the new turbochargers for another $28,576 (approx. R432k).

Every 14 to 16 months, you need a set of new lightweight alloy wheels at a price of $49,958 (approx.R756k) and every 16 to 18 months you need new rubber. If you don’t feel like splashing out, you can get a cheaper set at $7,993 but if you want maximum traction for the track, you will need to opt for the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R TR specially developed for the Chiron Pur Sport for a cool $41,965 (approx. R630k).

The whole list can be seen below but when things like new wiper blades will set you back $3,797 (approx. R57k), you know this is not going to be a cheap motorcar to maintain.

Muhammad Al Qawi Zamani calculated that you “only” need to pay $104,912 (approx. R1,5 million) every 14 months if you have no intention of driving the car and putting on any miles.

All pricing above excludes labour, taxes, transport and travel costs. Absolutely mind-blowing!

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