2,400 HP Six-Wheeled Hennessey Project Deep Space EV Coming 2026

Rendering by Autocar

When Hennessey told us that their Venom F5 hypercar was sold out in August this year, they also announced plans for something “out of this world”. This seems to be those plans currently dubbed Project Deep Space.

As the title suggests, Project Deep Space is a fully electric vehicle with six wheels and over 2,000 hp. Hennessey confirmed it will feature both a central driving position and a diamond-shaped four-seat layout (see images below). John Hennessey said it will be about six metres long and that it should also be the fastest-accelerating four-seater from rest to 200 mph (321 km/h).

Dubbed as being a “Hyper-GT” much like Koenigsegg‘s Gemera, the low-slung coupe sports massive gullwing doors with each wheel powered by its own electric motor.

Although Hennessey would not provide the final power figure he did mention that it is “pretty common to be able to generate 400 hp per electric motor, so doing the math suggests a serious amount of power if we decided to do that.”

With regards to range, the goal is to deliver more than 500 miles of driving range, though 621 miles would be even better, Hennessey quipped (noting the 1,000 km mark).

The six-wheel-drive, zero-emissions monster features a full carbon fibre body and chassis to keep the weight low, along with the “highest quality materials” for the interior. Inside, Project Deep Space has four seats with a central driving position flanked by two outboard seats for passengers. Hennessey noted the outboard seating positions are staggered a bit to allow even the tallest passengers to stretch out. The fourth seat is mounted directly behind the centrally positioned driver and is being dubbed the VVIP (Very Very Important Person) seat. It will be similar to the lie-flat seats in a Gulf Stream jet.

Work has already begun on the production car, which should be launched in 2026. No more than 105 examples will be made and some slots have already been sold. One of the future owners is the same owner of the Venom F5 that Hennessey showed at Pebble Beach in August.

Why exactly 105 cars? For exclusivity. “McLaren built 106 F1s, and so I’m building one less,” Hennessey quipped.

If you fancy one, you will need to get your big boy money out as each will cost $3 million.

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