Lamborghini Huracán Not Done Yet, We Could Finally See Off-Road Version

Lamborghini revealed the STO as the most hardcore offering in the Huracán range but by the sounds of things, they are not finished as bosses hinted at more special-edition variants on the way.

While talking to Australian media, Chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani hinted that something radically different to the track-focused STO was in the pipeline.

“We are full of ideas … and we will never give up in order to see what the potential [that] this fantastic base of the Huracán – with the V10 naturally-aspirated [engine], and a chassis that is one of the best in terms of performance – can … have in the future”, said Reggiani.

“This is a question mark that I leave to you, but I think we will see soon something different.”

So what could this something different be? Well, Drive recently uncovered some European trademark filings for Huracán Sterrato and Huracán Tecnica variants – the former hinting to a production version of 2018’s Huracan Sterrato concept, an off-road-ready, high-riding version of the all-wheel-drive supercar.

After the Sterrato concept was revealed, there was talk about putting into a limited production run with heavy use of 3D-printed components to make it financially viable.

A production Sterrato would represent one end of the Huracán model spectrum, contrasting the limited-run, track-focused STO.

What the Huracán Tecnica could bring is not currently known but it would not be the first time a V10 has been given this name as there was a Gallardo Tecnica. This variant added a rear wing, carbon-ceramic brakes and new colours to the Gallardo. This could quite easily happen with the Huracán in a very short period of time as the ‘upgrades’ already sit in their parts bin.

“The follower of the Huracán has already been announced a plug-in hybrid version, as the entire model range will go plug-in hybrid in 2023 and 2024; the Huracán follower in 2024. As you can do the math yourself there is still some time to enjoy the current Huracan, and [its] versions,” Lamborghini communications boss Tim Bravo.

The current Huracán has just less than three years left so we can certainly expect a thing or two from the Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturer.

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