Porsche 911 Sport Classic Rumoured To Pack Turbo S Power, RWD and Manual

2010 911 Sport Classic

Last week we reported that Porsche could be revealing a new 911 Sport Classic this month and although this is not confirmed, Motor Trend seem to think this will be the case and it will be something truly special.

The 2010 Sport Classic was limited to just 250 cars and featured a striking double-bubble roof, wider rear track and bodywork, and a ducktail spoiler imitating the one from the iconic ’73 Carrera RS.

The publication seems to think that the new Sport Classic will not only get a manual gearbox but also as much as 640 hp (478 kW) sent exclusively to the rear wheels. Think of it as something like a detuned GT2 RS, only with a third pedal.

Motor Trend continues to suggest that Porsche will be revealing a new 911 ST as well as a special 911 RS model but as we said last week, let’s wait and see what we are served up.

Source Motor Trend
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