Warning Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Repair Service

A mechanic servicing a car

If you are a first-time vehicle owner, then you might find this post helpful. Regardless of the type of car you own, the rule of thumb is to invest in proper maintenance. It is essential for all cars. Car maintenance is the best way to ensure your vehicle continues to perform at its optimal level. 

Remember that continuous working and no proper maintenance can cause severe damage to your vehicle, resulting in hefty car repair expenses. Some of the most expensive car repairs include:

  • Transmission repairs—$4000 to $5000
  • Suspension—$2500 to $4000
  • Camshaft repair —$1500 to $3000
  • Hybrid car battery replacement—$6000

To avoid these repairs, maintenance is crucial. But emergencies may occur when least expected. These costly repairs can burden you financially, especially if they occur in the last week of the month when you are counting days before your next paycheck. 

This is when you may want to consider taking out quick or instant loans. Many websites offer instant loans on easy loan terms, such as Nifty personal loans. You can use them to pay for car repairs. 

When it comes to repairs, you can minimise the damage by addressing the issues early. Continue reading to learn the warning signs your car needs immediate repair service. 

  • The Check Engine Light Blinks Continuously 

The check engine light in your car can save you from costly engine repairs. If the light comes on and stays on, this means that you should get your engine checked. It is indicative of a minor issue but it still would not hurt to be careful.

On the other hand, if the check engine light keeps flashing continuously, get immediate car repair help. The flashing check engine light is a sign of a major problem that can worsen if you continue to drive the vehicle. 

  • Exhaust Smoke and Leaks

If you see smoke coming from under the hood, it could be because of overheating or radiator issues. Pullover and let your vehicle cool down. But if there is excessive smoke coming out of your exhaust while driving, then you may have a serious problem. It can be a costly repair caused by burning oil. Take your car to a trusted mechanic to get it checked. 

  • Leaking Fluids

Fluids like oil and water are essential for vehicle operation. But there should never be a leakage. A warning sign for an immediate repair service is if you notice liquid pools in our parking lot at work or your driveway. Get your vehicle inspected right away. Your vehicle could be leaking:

  • Brake fluid
  • Motor oil
  • Coolant 
  • Transmission fluid 

Any leak from your vehicle must be addressed immediately before the situation worsens. Failure to address leaky brake fluid can also expose you to the risk of an accident. Did you know that brake fluid leaks are the most common cause of total brake failure? 

Brake systems in vehicles today are activated by brake fluid. Therefore, keeping enough brake fluid in your car is crucial to ensure your safety while you’re on the road.

Furthermore, liquid leaks can be of different colours. For example, a leak from the coolant is often bright green, while a reddish-brown leak points to an engine oil leak. However, it can also be a transmission or brake fluid leak. Regardless of the colour, if there is a leak, get it checked immediately. Don’t wait for costly damages to occur or safety at risk.

  • Degraded Ride 

If you feel your car’s ride is not comfortable as it was when you bought the car, then there could be a problem with the suspension. Irregular steering and hitches while driving indicate that the car is not performing at its optimal level. Furthermore, you may also notice tires scraping. 

This indicates that it’s time for service. Get the car inspected by the auto mechanic to resolve suspension issues. Remember that delays can cost you big. As mentioned earlier, suspension problems can cost you up to $4000. Therefore, get it repaired right away before a minor issue becomes a major one. 

  • Unusual Knocking Sounds and Vibration 

Another warning sign you need to watch out for are unusual knocking sounds and vibrations in your car. Different noises are indicative of different problems. Here’s a quick overview of the problematic sounds:

  • Whining Sound from the Bonnet—It may be due to a loose wire belt. If it is not fixed immediately, it can lead to serious problems like overheating the vehicle and battery issues. 
  • Weird Sounds from the Exhaust—These sounds may occur if a hole or crack in the exhaust. Delay in repair can result in the exhaust pipe bursting and getting destroyed. 
  • The Sound of Metal Clashing: This can occur if a part of the car is broken. It should be inspected and fixed because if the broken part scrubs on other parts, it can cause further damage to them.
  • Uneven Engine Noises—When the vehicle can’t handle the fuel or air mixture, it causes uneven engine noises. The problem is super easy to fix. All it needs is a spark plug replacement. 
  • Knocking-in the Engine—If you hear knocking in the engine, then stop driving and call your mechanic right away. Knocking-in, the engine in most situations, is the last sign before your engine dies. 
  • Sensitive Gear and Brakes 

The most used utilities in your car are the gearbox and brakes system. Hence, they are at a high risk of wear and tear. It is, therefore, vital to get them checked often to lower the risk. Some problems that indicate dysfunction of these utilities are transmitted vibrations when shifting gears and the squealing sound when you apply brakes. It shows that discs and brake pads are worn out. Instead of delaying, get it fixed ASAP for smooth car functioning.

In a nutshell, invest in car maintenance to minimise the risk of car repairs and breakdowns. Not only are these repairs costly, but they can cause you inconvenience. And when you spot warning signs, don’t neglect them. Seek help before the problem worsens.

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