BMW M Rumoured To Launch Very Special Model Next Year

2022 will see BMW M celebrate their 50th birthday and according to an insider, there is a special car coming our way.

The insider known as ynguldyn has a superb track record with these things and states that a “very special limited edition M4 will be produced for just a few months. starting November 2022.”

The user goes on to say that the car will be configured like the upcoming BMW M4 CSL with a manual transmission and a series of other specific features.

BMWBlog thinks this will be more than “another M4” as the brand will celebrate the occasion properly. The publication thinks it will be extremely limited in numbers and quite unique, both in design and pricing point as well.

As always, we will update you as we learn more, but one thing is certain: if you’re a BMW M fan or customer, then get ready for a series of exciting events in 2022 which will coincide with the unveiling of equally exciting models.

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