Are These Official 2014 BMW M3 Pictures?

We previously got these images of the 2014 BMW M3 via CAR magazine and now they have given us some more with some additional details. The editors are claiming that they have receive these pictures and are the official images for the new BMW. These pictures/renderings are of course of the M3 and not the M4 because it has 4 doors. The magazine have revealed that all future M cars will have the M badge on the front grille as well as on the boot rear. Blue brake calipers will be another stand out feature on future M cars along with graphite door mirrors and black exhaust tips. All of these are making me VERY happy! As we are expecting, it will have a 3-liter straight six combined with 2 turbo’s that develop 444hp. I am a massive M3 fan and if these pictures/renderings are legit then I am going to fall in love with this car! Just look at that styling, mmmmmm!

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